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2617-3A-6 Glastic Channel Back Plate

Product ID: 2617-3A-6

MFG: Röchling Glastic Composites
MFG Part Number: 2617-3A-6

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Rochling Glastic composites pultruded channels and angles are similar in material construction to the Grade UTR flame and track resistant laminates. A small amount of continuous glass roving is added to aid in pultrusion processing. These high-strength pultruded shapes have a wide variety of uses in both electrical and non-electrical applications. They are arc and track resistant and have a UL94 rating of V0. These versatile GPO-3 shapes are easily machined to fit a variety of needs in electrical design and construction. They are readily available in a variety of profile sizes and lengths.


Length 6”
Width 2”
Thickness 1/8”
Inside Radius 5/32”
Leg 13/16”
Flexural Strength 25,000 psi
13,000 psi @ 130°C
Shear Strength 14,500 psi
Compression Strength 20,000 psi
Electric Strength 200Vpm Perpendicular
45 kV Parallel
Tensile Strength 15,000 psi
Material Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester
Color Red
NEMA Specification GPO-3
Water Absorption 0.3%
Arc Resistance 185 Seconds