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Product ID: 170ADM37010

170ADM37010 Schneider TSX Momentum I/O Base, 24VDC

MFG: Schneider Electric (Square D)
MFG Part Number: 170ADM37010

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General Specifications
Module type: 16 discrete inputs in 1 group, 8 discrete outputs in 2 groups (4 pts/group)
Supply voltage: 24 VDC
Supply voltage range: 20...30 VDC
Supply current consumption: max. 250 mA at 24 VDC
Power dissipation: 6 W + ( # of input points on x .144 W) + (# of output points on x 1 W) )
I/O map: 1 input word, 1 output word

Input to input: none
Output group to output group: 500 VAC
Input to output group: 500 VAC
Field to communication adapter: Defined by Communication Adapter type

Internal: none
External: operating and input voltage: According to the supply of the connected sensors–not to exceed 4A fast-blow
External: output voltage: According to the supply of the connected actuators–not to exceed 8 A slow-blow

EMC for industrial environment
Immunity: IEC 1131-2, Surge on auxiliary power supply 500V
Emissions: EN 50081-2
Agency approvals: UL, CSA, CE, FM Class 1 Div. 2 pending

Physical dimensions
Discrete Inputs Specifications for discrete inputs
Width: 125 mm (4.9 in)
Depth: (with no adapter) 40 mm (1.54 in)
Length: 141.5 mm (5.5 in) no or one busbar, 159.5mm (6.3in) two busbars, 171.5 mm (6.75in) three busbars
Weight: 220 g (0.49 lb)

Specifications for discrete inputs
Number of points: 16
Number of groups: 4
Points per group: 4
Signal type: True High
IEC 1131 type: 1+ (See Appendix IEC 1131 Input Types, p. 581 for definitions of IEC input types.)
ON voltage: +11 ... +30 VDC
OFF voltage: -3 ... +5 VDC
Input current: 2.5 mA minimum ON (6 mA at 24 VDC), 1.2 mA maximum OFF
Input voltage range: -3 ... +30 VDC
Input resistance: 4 kOhm
Response time: 2.2 ms OFF to ON, 3.3 ms ON to OFF

Specifications for discrete outputs
Output type: Solid state switch
Output supply voltage: 24 VDC
Output supply voltage range: 20 ... 30 VDC
Output voltage: External supply - .5 VDC
Number of points: 8
Number of groups: 2
Points per group: 4
Current capacity: 2 A/point maximum, 8 A/group, 16 A/module
Signal type: True High
Leakage current (output out): < 1 mA @ 24 VDC
Surge (inrush) current: 2.8 A for 10 s max.
On state voltage drop: < 0.5 VDC @ 2 A
Fault sensing: Outputs are electronically safeguarded to assist in short circuit and overload protection
Fault reporting outputs: 1 red LED/point (row 3) ON when overload occurs
Fault reporting input voltage: 1 red LED (row 3) signals the state of 4 inputs belonging to the input power supply group
Error indication :In the event of an overload for on least 1 output, for a short-circuit or overload in one of the 4 encoder supply groups, (I/O-Error) to communication adapter
Response time (resistive load / 2 A): < 0.1 ms OFF to ON, < 0.1 ms ON to OFF
Maximum switching cycles: 1000/h for 2 A inductive load (for inductances > 100 mH and switching currents > 1A, a clamping diode must be installed, 100/s for 2 A resistive load, 10/s for 1.2 W Tungsten load (when the startup current factor <= 10 the nominal current)