Electric Motor
Repair Services

Repair services on site or in our service center, We offer emergency services as well for those who need immediate services.

Electric-Motor Rewind Services

Electric Motor Rewind Services

We specialize in electric motor rewinding and customized rewinds of 1 & 3 phase electric motors, repairing, rebuilding and servicing all makes and brands.

Our Electric Motor Rewind Services Include:

• 1 & 3 Phase AC motors

• DC motors

• Fields & Rotors

• AC & DC Armatures

• Multiple Speed Motors

• Crane & Hoist Motors

• Generators


Pump Rebuilding Services

We can reseal and repair your pumps!

Our pump services include:

• Rewinding & Rebuilding

• Grinder Pumps

• Submersible

• Pool / Hot Tub Pumps

Machine Shop Services

Machine Shop Services

We can machine new parts or repair your existing ones.

Our Machining Services Include:

• Shaft Rebuilding & Machining

• Endbell Bearing Sleeves

• Commutator Resurfacing

• Motor Modifications

• Mounting Base Repairs

• Brazing & Welding

Generator Repair Services

We can help you with on-site or in-shop repair services, replacement parts and generator systems.

• Item 1

• Item 2

Dynamic Balancing Services

Dynamic Balancing Services

We can extend equipment life while reducing vibration & noise by balancing your rotating parts.

We Can Balance:

• Impellers

• Fans and Blowers

• High Speed Machine Tool Components

• Turbine Rotors

• Electric Motor Rotors/Armatures

Laser Alignment Services

We can properly align shafts ensuring efficient operation, reducing down time and maintaining smooth operation of equipment.

Common issues from misalignment include:

• Leaking Seals

• Increased Vibration

• Higher Energy Consumption

• Motor Bearing Failure

• Motor Shaft Breakage

• Motor Wear

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