Electric Motor
Repair Services

Repair services on site or in our service center, We offer emergency services as well for those who need immediate services.


Pump Rebuilding Services

We can reseal and repair your pumps!

Our pump services include:

• Rewinding & Rebuilding

• Grinder Pumps

• Submersible

• Pool / Hot Tub Pumps

Generator Repair Services

We can help you with on-site or in-shop repair services, replacement parts and generator systems.

Dynamic Balancing Services

Dynamic Balancing Services

We can extend equipment life while reducing vibration & noise by balancing your rotating parts.

We Can Balance:

• Impellers

• Fans and Blowers

• High Speed Machine Tool Components

• Turbine Rotors

• Electric Motor Rotors/Armatures

Laser Alignment Services

We can properly align shafts ensuring efficient operation, reducing down time and maintaining smooth operation of equipment.

Common issues from misalignment include:

• Leaking Seals

• Increased Vibration

• Higher Energy Consumption

• Motor Bearing Failure

• Motor Shaft Breakage

• Motor Wear

Where We're Located

187 East Church Street, Stevens, PA 17578

Phone: 717.336.2949
Emergency call: 717.587.1070 or 717.587.0177

Hours: M-F 7:30AM to 5:00PM Closed Saturday & Sunday