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Product ID: 2128-21

2128-21 Milwaukee REDLITHIUM USB Stick Light with Magnet

MFG: Milwaukee Tool
MFG Part Number: 2128-21

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Milwaukee's REDLITHIUM™ USB Stick Light w/ Magnet revolutionizes the way pros complete general tasks and inspection work. Milwaukee's innovative light delivers UNMATCHED UTILITY FOR LIGHTING IN TIGHT SPACES. The compact size and slim light blade design, paired with a strong magnet and hook, allow for all-access lighting and limitless mounting positions. Featuring 220° of vertical light head rotation and 4 total modes; inspection, front, back, or both panel selections admits better light positioning and beam control. The REDLITHIUM™ USB Stick Light w/ Magnet has 550 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High-Definition output and 2 hours of run-time on HIGH, with 2 brightness options to manage output and run-time. Use the integrated USB-C port for quick charges in between jobs. This light is robust in design, IP54 rated, impact resistant to heights of 6 feet, and corrosion-resistant to most chemicals found in-shop or on-site. Guaranteed by Milwaukee's limited lifetime warranty.


(1) REDLITHIUM™ USB Stick Light W/ Magnet (2128-21)

Product Features

  • 550 Lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High-Definition Output
  • 4 Total Output Modes: Front, Back, Dual Panel Plus Inspection Light
  • 2 Hours of Run-time on HIGH on (1) REDLITHIUM™ USB 3.0 Battery
  • Light Blade Rotates 220° Vertically
  • Inspection Light for MPI's and Assessment
  • Magnetic Base and Hook to Mount
  • Magnetic USB-C Charging Dock with Contact Pins and Second Battery Bay
  • Chemical Resistant to Common Chemicals Found in Shop or on Site
  • IP54 Rated: Ingress Protection from Dust and Water
  • Impact Rated to Heights of 6ft
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Excludes Batteries)

Product Specifications

Power Source Cordless
Material Composition Polycarbonate
Length 7.5 in
Weight 1.2 lb
Height 2 in
Width 2.4 in
Voltage 4



  • Is this light protected from commonly used chemicals in Automotive?
    This light is chemical resistant to brake fluid, brake cleaner, WD-40, motor oil, antifreeze, carb cleaner, gasoline, cutting oil, acetone, paint, polisher, primer, paint thinners and reducers, sealants, etc.
  • Will all new REDLITHIUM™ USB Personal Lights have USB-C Ports moving forward?
    All new personal lights will have USB-C ports; the full line of REDLITHIUM™ USB Personal Lights is set to transition to USB-C in 2023.
  • Is the dock compatible with any other REDLITHIUM™ USB products?
    No, the REDLITHIUM™ USB Stick Light Charging Dock will only charge the REDLITHIUM™ USB Stick Light w/ Magnet but it will charge any REDLITHIUM™ USB in second battery bay.
  • How do you insert the REDLITHIUM™ USB Battery into the second battery bay on the charging dock?
    Line up the arrow on the battery with the arrow on the charging dock. Insert the top of the battery into the bay first, then push down the bottom of the battery into the bay until it clicks.
  • Are there any service parts for this light?
    The battery cap, USB Cover and the charging dock can be replaced.