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Product ID: 3-0443-1017

3-0443-1017 Thermo Scientific Combo Board

MFG: ThermoFisher Scientific
MFG Part Number: 3-0443-1017

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Circuit Board is labeled "4-0443-1017", while Mounting plate and package say "3-0443-1017"

The combo board provides five functions that previously required five separate I/O boards (see Figure 2-9). For some applications, this can reduce installation costs significantly. The circuitry used for the combo board is the same as the individual function boards, but there are fewer channels per function. The five functions are:

- Analog input
- Analog 4–20 mA output
- Digital output
- Pulse input
- Digital input

The I/O lines are protected by gas tubes, which are ceramic devices where high voltages are shorted to ground and any arcing is contained within the device. This only occurs during very abnormal circumstances such as nearby lightning strikes. The mounting screw must be securely tightened for the gas tubes to function correctly during an overvoltage situation.

Power consumption is 80 mA at 12 V (0.96 W).