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Product ID: 8034SL04NL2DAXX

8034SL04NL2DAXX Efector Elec Proximity Switch

MFG: IFM Efector
MFG Part Number: 8034SL04NL2DAXX

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IFC 2004-AROG, Series 8034
IFC 2004-AROG IFM / Efector Electronic Proximity Switch IFC2004AROG, Series 8034
DC 2 Wire, Inductive, 4mm non flush mount, LED indicator, DC 2 Wire NO, Form A, Plastic Housing
L+: Brown
Output: Blue
ifm Tokyo 456-2011
S: 4mm nb
U: 10-36 V DC
I: 100 ma
IP 67
New, In Manufacturer's Original Box