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Product ID: KB9391

9391 KB Electronics SCR Variable Speed DC Motor Drive, Black

MFG: KB Electronics, Inc
MFG Part Number: 9391

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KBPC-225D, 1.5HP @ 115VAC / 3HP @ 230VAC, 90/180VDC Motors, NEMA 4X, IP65, Washdown & Watertight


The KBPC Series NEMA-4X (IP-65) SCR DC Motor Speed and Torque Control is designed for applications requiring washdown watertight integrity. Its housing is ruggedly constructed of die cast aluminum which is protected with an acrylic coating for the ultimate in corrosion resistance. All switches are sealed with rubber boots and the main speed potentiometer contains a shaft seal.

The KBPC state-of-the-art electronics include short circuit and transient protection to provide the ultimate in reliability. Electronics overload protection is also provided which prevents motor burnout and demagnetization of PM motors. The control can be operated in either the speed or torque mode via a jumper selection. The current range, which is also jumper selectable, eliminates the necessity for calibration of IR compensation and current limit for most applications. The KBPC also contains jumper selections for AC line voltage (230/115), DC armature voltage (180/90) and feedback type (armature/tachometer).

Standard features include Electronic Start/Stop and LED Indicator Array for “Power On,” “Stop” and “Overload.”

Standard Features

  • Electronic Overload Protection
  • LED’s for “Power On,” “Overload” and “Stop”
  • Electronic Start-Stop


Manufacturer KB Electronics
Model Number KBPC-225D, Black
Part Number 9391
Input Line Voltage 115/208-230 VAC (+/-10%) 50/60Hz
Motor Voltage 0-90 VDC @ 115VAC
0-90, 0-180VDC @ 230VAC
Maximum AC Load Current 22 RMS Amps
Maximum DC Load Current 15 DC Amps
Maximum Power 1.5HP (1.13kW) @ 115VAC
3 HP (2.25 kW) @ 230VAC
UPC 024822093910
Weight 5 lbs
Warranty 18 month
ACCEL and DECEL Ranges 0.1-15 Seconds
MIN SPEED Range 0-30 % Base Speed
MAX SPEED Range 60-120 % Base Speed
IR COMP Range 0-30VDC @ 230VAC Line
CL Range 0-180 % Range Setting
TIMED CL Range 0.5-15 Seconds
Voltage Following Linearity +/-0.5 % Base Speed
Horsepower Range 1.5HP (1.13kW) @ 115VAC Line
3HP (2.25kW) @ 230VAC Line
Armature Voltage Range 0-200VDC @ 230 VAC Line
Field Voltage 200/100VDC @ 230 VAC Line
Ambient Temperature Range 0-45°C
Speed Range 50:1 Ratio
Load Regulation, Armature Feedback +/- 1 % Base Speed
Load Regulation, Tachometer Feedback +/- 1 % Base Speed

Jumper Selectable Features

  • Control Mode: Speed, Torque
  • AC Line Voltage (VAC-50/60 Hz): 115, 230
  • DC Armature Voltage (VDC): 90, 180
  • Feedback Type: Armature, Tachometer
  • Tachometer Voltages (VDC): 7, 20/30, 50 (per 1,000 RPM)
  • Timed Current Limit: TCL, NTCL
Bold Denotes Factory Setting

Trimpot Adjustments

  • Minimum Speed (MIN)
  • Current Limit (CL)
  • Acceleration (ACCEL)
  • Timed Current Limit (TCL)
  • Maximum Speed (MAX)
  • IR Compensation (IR)
  • Deceleration (DECEL)
  • Jog Speed (JOG)