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KCS-CFW08 WEG RS-232 Serial Communication Module

Product ID: KCS-CFW08

MFG: WEG Electric Corporation
MFG Part Number: KCS-CFW08

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Mounted in place of keypad, 10937373
Serial communication module RS-232: is inserted in the place of the parallel keypad, enabling the RS-232 connection (connector RJ-6).

The RS-232 serial interface enables the point-to-point connection (inverter - master). It is gavanically isolated and enables the use of interconnecting cables in lengths up to 10 m.

Through the RS-232 serial interface you can control, set parameters and monitor the CFW-08. The communication protocol is based on the communication by enquiry/response (master/slave), according to ISO 1745, ISO 646, with character exchange of type ASCII between the inverter (slave) and the master. The Master can be a PLC, a PC, etc. The maximum transfer rate is 38400 bps.

For the RS-485 serial communication, both point-to-point (an inverter anda master) or multipoint (up to 30 inverters and one master), you can connect the KCS-CFW08 module to an external MIW-02 module