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Product ID: NEMA1-40E2-24

NEMA1-40E2-24 Fuji Nema/UL Type 1 Conversion Kit

MFG: Fuji Electric Corp. of America
MFG Part Number: NEMA1-40E2-24

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$57.75 / Each
Compatible with the following drives:
FRN0013C2S-4U (Mini C2)
FRN0018C2S-4U (Mini C2)
FRN0025C2S-2U (Mini C2)
FRN0033C2S-2U (Mini C2)
FRN0022E2S-4GB (ACE)
FRN0029E2S-4GB (ACE)
FRN0030E2S-2GB (ACE)
FRN0040E2S-2GB (ACE)

Type: NEMA1-40E2-24
O/S Number: FFEA08004
CM Code: RGW
Made in Japan

Mounting the NEMA1 Conversion Kit brings the inverter's enclosure into compliance with the NEMA1 Standard (UL TYPE1 certified).