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Product ID: RPC 50-120

RPC 50-120 Maxiphase Rotary Phase Converter

MFG: Witmer Motor Service
MFG Part Number: RPC 50-120

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$8,500.00 / Each
Largest HP: 50, Combined HP: 120. No Load Amps: 35, 230 Volt, ODP

WMS Rotary Phase Converters are an economical alternative to commercial three phase power!

  • Easy installation, reliabile performance and low maintenance make rotary units an attractive solution for three phase power needs.
  • WMS Phase Converters are available from electric motor shops, machinery dealers and electrical supply stores across the nation.
  • WMS has developed a proven product through years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of phase converters.
  • Quick start-up using electrolytic start capacitors and a positive mechanical centrifugal switch!
  • 1 Year Warranty

Standard Duty Converters are used for 1800RPM (or slower) motors with normal starting loads. If the largest motor is 3450RPM or if the largest motor is driving a load which is difficult to start, use the next larger model or select our Hi-OUTPUT model

Standard Duty Converters are available in 230V (Red, RPC) and 460V (Blue, HVC) Hi-VOLTAGE Units

Standard Duty Converters can be used for CNC Applications. (Please call factory for sizing)


Model RPC 50-120
Largest Single Load 50 HP
Maximum Combined Load 120 HP
Voltage 230 Volts
Frequency 60Hz
No Load Amperage 35.0 Amps
"a" Dimension 25 Inches
"b" Dimension 21 Inches
"c" Dimension 30 Inches
"d" Dimension 36 Inches
"e" Dimension 30 Inches
"f" Dimension 12 Inches
Motor Enclosure
Motor Frame Size
Input Circuit Breaker Rating 350A
Input Wire Size #350MCM Minimum
Approximate Weight 1100 lbs
Notes Rotary unit and capacitor enclosure are seperate on this unit and must be field connected with user supplied wire and conduit.
WMS Maxiphase WMS Maxiphase

Easy Installation

  • 1. Mount Converter: Bolt phase converter to appropriate base.
  • 2. Single Phase Input Connect incoming power L1 and L2 to rotary converter through appropriate switch or definite purpose contactor. Attach line wires L1 and L2 to converter terminal board as shown on connection diagram.
  • 3. Three Phase Output: Output wires are attached to terminals T1, T2 and T3 provided on converter terminal board as shown on connection diagram. Three phase output can be connected to load through fused safety switch or breaker panel before distribution to various three phase motors. Local electrical codes will apply.


  • Never connect manufactured phase (T3) to magnetic control circuits, computerized control circuits or any single phase application! Fluctuating voltages will cause unsatisfactory operation or may damage damage equipment!
  • Phase converter must be started before load is applied!Starting converter with load switched on may prevent converter from reaching full speed resulting in blown electrolytic capacitors or damaged converter windings.