Vlad preparing a 200HP Stator for rewinding
Newage Generator Rotor Rewind
General Electric Exciter-Auxiliary Generator Rotor
2-Speed Baldor 3-Phase Crane Motor
6-Pole Hobart Mixer Motor Stator, Continuous Wind
Coils on Samatic Winder
New coils being made in the rewinding department.
Coils being laid in a 400kW Generator Stator
We do the rewinds, that other shops say can’t be done.
A generator rotor that was rewound by one of the talented employees at WMS.
Another generator rotor rewind finished and ready to be shipped back out.
Four brand new coild made from scratch
Pancake Motors being rewound
New coils going in
No job is to small, although this is getting pretty close.
(2) Armatures we rewound from motors out of a train
We can rewind clutch and brake coils.


  • Electric Motors up to 300HP
    Single Phase, Two Phase, 3 Phase
  • Generator Stators, Exciter Stators, Rotors and Exciter Rotors up to 600kW
  • Relay and Contactor Coils & Brake Clutch Coils
  • DC Armatures, Fields and Interpoles
  • Releading
  • 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Pole Motors
  • Crane Motors, 2 & 4 Pole
  • 2 Speed & Multiple Speed Motors
  • Industrial Washing Machine Motors
  • Pressure Washer Motors (Karcher)
  • DC Revolving Fields and Rotors
  • Shunt Wound DC Motors
  • All Major Brands
  • Quotes Available
  • Hipot & Surge Test Windings

Rewinding Services


Grieve A3-500 Electric Bake Oven

  • 36" (W) x 36" (H) x 40" (D) Capacity
  • up to 500°F
grieve bake oven
Ace burn-off oven

Ace 240P7 Propane Burn-off Oven

  • 46" (W) x 44" (H) x 47" (D) Capacity
  • up to 800°F
  • Fully Programmable Temperature and Time Cycles
  • Afterburner to conform with EPA air emission standards
  • One Touch Control

JPW Industrial Electric Bake Oven

  • 48" (W) x 72" (H) x 48" (D) Capacity
  • up to 500°F
Large bake oven
Samatic Winder

Samatic 2780 Coil Winding Machine

  • Coil sizes from 2" to 43.8"
  • Up to 20 wires of 12AWG
  • Concentric, Diamond & Round Nose Forms
  • DC Field Coils and Transformer Coils
  • Automatic Wire Tensioning

Baker ST103E Surge/DC High Potential Testers

  • 0-3000 Volts
  • Max 230 Amps (Surge)
    Max 2000 Amps (High Pot)
  • Single and 3-Phase Motor Testing