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Product ID: 2845-20

2845-20 Milwaukee M18 CARRY-ON 3600W/1800W Power Supply

MFG: Milwaukee Tool
MFG Part Number: 2845-20

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Milwaukee's M18™ CARRY-ON™ 3600W / 1800W Power Supply provides the most versatile 15A power for the jobsite, with less hassle. The power supply delivers 3600 starting watts,1800 running watts of pure sine wave inverter energy with longer sustained power. Users can run demanding trade tools, such as table saws, pancake compressors, or even pipe threaders. Power everything from 15A tools to your sensitive electronics, with instant start technology and better-sustained power. With a combination of any M18™ batteries, users can power any 15A products and minimize hassles typically associated with power on the jobsite. The quiet, compact, emissions-free cordless Power Supply can operate indoors and underground, including confined spaces, scissor lifts, and utility carts. The lightweight and compact design of the CARRY-ON™ Power Supply allows our users to have power by their side, instead of relying on gas alternatives and extension cords. Milwaukee's M18 CARRY-ON™ can only run on 4 batteries. Users can charge M18™ Batteries simultaneously at a 3A standard rate when the product is not in discharge mode. Prevent battery theft with lockable battery bays using a padlock (not included). Charge your sensitive electronics faster, with USB-C PD and USB-A ports. The temporary power supply is compatible with the Shoulder Strap (sold separately), reducing fatigue during transportation on and off the jobsite.


(1) M18™ CARRY-ON™ 3600W/1800W Power Supply (2845-20)

Product Features

  • Most Versatile 15A Power. Less Hassle.
  • 3600 Starting Watts/1800 Running Watts
  • Fits All M18™ Batteries
  • Pure sine wave inverter protects sensitive electronics
  • Integrated 3A Standard Simultaneous M18™ Charger
  • Compatible with 49-16-2845 Shoulder Strap (Sold Separately)
  • 3 Year Warranty

Product Specifications

Battery System M18
Voltage 120
Length 15.05 in
Weight 28 lb
Height 13.75 in
Width 12.25 in



  • What does 3600W/1800W mean?
    The 3600W is intended to communicate the starting (or peak) power output that is needed to get tools up and running. After a couple of seconds, the power will level set to 1800W continuously.
  • Does this product have a low wattage shutdown timer?
    No, this product does not have a low wattage shutdown timer. Meaning, once the user turns the product on, it will run until either the user turns the power supply off or one of the batteries runs out of capacity.
  • How many watts do the chargers pull from the wall when charging?
    When in charge mode, the M18™ CARRY ON™ pulls ~1000W from the wall.
  • How many batteries do I need to run the M18™ Power Supply?
    Users need (4) M18™ Batteries to run the power supply. Users can use a combination of any (4) M18™ batteries.
  • How is runtime determined on the power supply?
    Runtime is determined by the lowest capacity pack. For example, if you have (3) M18™ 12.0Ah and (1) M18™ 5.0Ah, your runtime experience will be based off the M18™ 5.0Ah battery.
  • Does the power supply have pass through power?
    No, the power supply does not have passthrough power. Users can either discharge or charge the unit.
  • Can I use the power supply for emergency back up power?
    It is not recommended to use the M18™ CARRY ON™ unit for emergency backup power. The power needed for backup power is substantially more than 1800W continuously. Users would need a surplus of M18™ batteries to keep up with the demands.
  • What lock is recommended for the theft mitigation?
    We recommend using 5/16” lock. To utilize, twist lock collar, fully extend security bar over batteries, and utilize the padlock.
  • Can I swap M18™ Packs and still get AC power? No, once a pack is removed, the system will turn off. Users will have to insert charged
    No, once a pack is removed, the system is shutdown. Users will have to insert charged pack and click the power button to resume AC Power.
  • Why doesn’t the M18™ CARRY ON™ have GFCI Outlets?
    GFCI outlets are designed to detect and trip if they sense current imbalances within an electrical system that is referenced to ground. These imbalances can occur when the "hot" side of the system is connected to the ground, creating a ground fault. GFCI outlets on the M18™ CARRY ON™ are not needed, as it designed to be Ground Fault Isolated.
  • Is the M18™ CARRY ON™ PACKOUT™ Compatible?
    No, the power supply is not PACKOUT™ compatible.